• VISAGE 2013

    VISAGE 2013

    نرم افزار المان محدود Visageمحصول شرکت Schlumbergerیکی از نرم افزار معروف شبیه سازی ژئومکانیکی مخازن به حساب می آید. با توجه روز افزون به بیشتر
  • Landmark EDT 5000.14

    Landmark EDT 5000.14

    نرم افزار Landmark EDT توسط شرکت هالیبرتون طراحی شده است که بطور گسترده ای در صنایع بالادستی نفت مورد استفاده قرار می گردد. برای بیشتر
  • Tesseral 3D 5.0.3

    Tesseral 3D 5.0.3

    نرم افزار Tesseralمحصول Tesseral Technologies Inc نرم افزار بسیار دقیق جهت Full wave field modeling می باشد. بر اساس مدل دیجیتال یک ساختمان پیچیده زمین شناسی، supplementing blocksراه حل بیشتر
  • Cyclolog 2016

    Cyclolog 2016

    نرم افزار Cyclologپکیجی کامل از ابزارها را برای نمایش، آنالیز، تفسیر و پلات نمودارهای پتروفیزیکی را برای زمین شناسان نفت برای سکانس استراتیگرافی بیشتر
  • Drilling Office x (DOX) 2.10

    Drilling Office x (DOX) 2.10

    نرم افزارDrilling Office Xکه به اختصار به آنDOXمی گویند، مجموعه ای جامعی برای مهندسان حفاری می باشد که به کمک آن می بیشتر
  • PIE Well-Test Analysis 2016

    PIE Well-Test Analysis 2016

    نرم افزار PIE well-test analysis پکیجی کامل برای تفسیر و ویرایش اطلاعات تست هایPressure Transientدرچاه های گازی و نفتی می باشد.  توسط نرم افزار PIEشما بیشتر
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شبیه سازی جریانی شلمبرژه | Pipesim 2019.3

ارسال در مهندسی نفت و مخزن

PIPESIM is Schlumberger’s flagship well and network modeling software for steady-state multiphase flow simulation. Together with the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator, Schlumberger provides a complete software solution for designing and optimizing production systems. With the PIPESIM® 2019.3 release, Schlumberger continues its commitment to innovate and improve the way you work. PIPESIM combines best-in-class science with an unparalleled productivity environment to enable engineers to optimize production systems from the reservoir to the sales point.

مدیریت مخارن | OFM 2019.1

ارسال در مهندسی نفت و مخزن

OFM®well and reservoir analysis software offers quick and easy access to important information for managers, petroleum engineers, and geoscientists. It provides a cost effective and integrated environment in which to accomplish complex workflows, forecasting analysis and visualization of reservoir and production data. OFM enables early detection of production problems and their cause, allowing engineers to manage more wells in less time unlocking the asset to produce at full potential.

آنالیز سوپر تخصصی مغزه | PerGeos 1.8.0

ارسال در مهندسی نفت و مخزن

The Thermo Scientific™ PerGeos™ software package offers an adaptable modular architecture that is designed to allow new capabilities to be rapidly deployed as soon as they are developed. Because of this inbuilt flexibility, PerGeos™ provides the user with an adaptive environment, perfectly suited for a range of daily interactions with core samples. As well as the automated image processing workflows that come as standard with the package, PerGeos™ is fully compatible with a suite of additional applications; each one providing a different user experience according to their specific needs. Each of these additional modules is designed to assist users in making specific statistical observations about the sample they are working with before transferring that knowledge (via a digital environment) to the entire asset team for interactive QC.

تفسیر سایزمیک هالیبرتون | Landmark Discovery 2019.1

ارسال در لرزه نگاری

GVERSE® Geophysics (Landmark Discovery 2019.1) is the most powerful seismic interpretation and mapping software package available for use with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. GVERSE Geophysics on OpenWorks®, a licensed option within GeoGraphix® Discovery Suite™, allows users to access and modify a SeisWorks® project located on a UNIX® server (seismic, horizon, and fault data) within a GVERSE Geophysics interpretation on a PC. Designed for fully integrated interpretation using all available data -- geologic, petrophysical, and geophysical -- GVERSE Geophysics and GVERSE Geophysics on OpenWorks share a common database with and direct access to the geologic interpretation system of GeoGraphix Discovery, plus direct access to PRIZM™, GeoGraphix Discovery's petrophysical interpretation system.

رسم و تفسیر نمودارهای تخصصی | WellCAD 5.3

ارسال در پتروفیزیک

Since its first release in 1993, WellCAD™ has become a well-recognized and trusted software used by the world’s leading Oil & Gas, Mining and Environmental companies, consultants, research institutions and government agencies. It brings the subsurface to life with an easily comprehensible way to acquire, display and interpret core, laboratory and borehole geophysical, -imaging and -geology data. WellCAD™ handles the entire data loading, log editing, analysis and presentation workflow for drilling, wellsite, core and logging data - independent of the industry sector. The modular architecture of WellCAD™ allows users to easily activate advanced modules to build a package tailored to their requirements and makes it an attractive solution for small scale companies as well as large multinational corporations.

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