Interactive Petrophysics IP 2024

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Interactive Petrophysics 2024 (IP 6.0) offers potent functionality as standard that competing products charge extra for. Principle calculations like clay volume, porosity/water saturation, cut-off and summation, pulsed neutron analysis, organic shales and NMR interpretation are all part of the package. Together, they create an industry-leading deterministic petrophysical workflow built for efficiency and collaboration.





Petrophysics Software That Works For You

Geoactive’s subsurface software applications are built on a breadth of experience across each facet of the energy industry. Every day, we apply our independent expertise to help clients increase performance from their upstream and downstream operations and assets. We’re constantly developing and innovating to deliver solutions to the most complex challenges across the lifecycle of any asset.

Interactive Petrophysics (IP) is the best-in-class tool for robust subsurface interpretations. It is stable, and minimises user errors through its interactive graphical interface. Whatever your experience level, IP offers a complete, cost-effective solution enabling thorough analysis for making geological and petrophysical decisions. IP provides you and your team with seamlessly integrated workflows across subsurface disciplines and supports improved reservoir performance throughout the entire assets’ lifecycle.

IP for Formation Evaluation

Gain robust and sophisticated petrophysical calculations for both deterministic and probabilistic analysis.

IP for Geology

Gain leading-edge statistical analysis, visualisation, and automation to bear on your reservoir characterization.

IP for Geomechanics

Assure your well’s stability and maximize production lifetime with IP Geomechanics.

IP for Geophysics

Bring your teams together by helping them apply knowledge across seismic and well log data to build the fullest possible interpretation.

IP for Well Operations

Bring the integrated analysis power of IP to your campaign - in real-time.

IP for Reservoir Engineering

A bundle that offers every imaginable feature for pin-sharp reservoir understanding, potential quantification, and production optimization.

IP for Cased Hole Analytics

A suite of modules that gives you the tools to make crucial, well-informed decisions in regard to well integrity and production.

IP for Machine Learning

Carry out data repair, prediction of missing curves, and key reservoir properties from minimal source data.

IP 2024 New Features:

1-Carbon / Oxygen Sw Analysis - A new workflow has been added for Gas / Liquid mode Pulsed Neutron tools, calculating Gas Saturation from an input Inelastic Ratio curve.

2-Experienced Eye - The Experienced Eye Module is designed to help you identify the most suitable curves for predicting a target curve. The module runs multiple Feature Selection methods and regression Machine Learning algorithms to provide you with the best possible combination of input curves for your prediction workflow.

3-CO2 Storage Capacity - This module is used to calculate the CO2 storage capacity of a reservoir from input Porosity and Saturation curves.

4-Projects are a new method of working with a subset of wells within a database. This can be useful when working with very large databases containing many thousands of wells.


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