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Even though the world of oil and gas has become more complex, your software does not have to be. S&P Global Kingdom™ 2024 integrates geoscience, geophysics and engineering into a single, easy-to-use software solution, enabling asset teams to make confident and faster decisions from exploration to completion. Our solutions are simplified, giving you access to advanced geoscience/scientific tools that are affordable, easy to learn and install and come with excellent support and training. Optimized for unconventional, conventional and deep water plays, Kingdom helps you assess the potential of regional geologic trends or discover where assets are underperforming, all within a singular, cost effective and easy to learn environment.





Kingdom 2024 (May 21, 2024)

Advancing fundamental workflows:

  • Dynamic depth to depth correction module
  • V0+Kz to depth convert in Dynamic Depth Conversion
  • Easily define model layers in Dynamic Property Modeling
  • CNN Fault Attribute – multiple direction prediction
  • Perforations overhaul
  • Spatial Explorer and Basemap enhanced integration
  • Support windfarm and geotechnical data in the new AGS import
  • Enhancements to VelPAK and Inversion, and addition of a new module, LogToVolume

The following enhancements and new features are included in Kingdom 2024:


Section enhancements - Data display

Post Borehole Data

• Above, below, right, and left of borehole symbol added to Position

• Updates to Label Style

• Well Symbol sizing added (removed from Borehole Display Settings)

• Section data posting removed from Borehole Display Settings dialog

Significantly improved raster log display performance

• Instantaneous display of raster logs

• Loading performance improved by 100x

Section enhancements - Perforation display

Individual color selection for perforation type providing visual distinction by perf type in sections

Perforations Improvements

Two options for viewing listed perforations

• Individual list of perforations

• Grouped view showing completion header record and perforation child rows

• Date created/modified and user created/modified added to attribute columns

User interface

• Active only option to hide completion header records with no perforation rows

• Option to keep original layout

• Audit trigger attribute columns added to perforation grid (Only populated for projects on full SQL or Oracle databases, not Auto SSE)

Importing and database changes

• ASCII import changes:

o Perforations imported with no assigned completion observation number will be grouped together under ONE completion header record

• Perforation observation number is now a natural key (database)

o Allows for perforations of same start and end depth but unique perforation observation number

o Imports all perforation records through Direct Connect

Table Locking

• Perforations table is now lockable, protecting data in multi-authored projects

o Includes changes from all imports and other authors

o Applicable to all or selected boreholes

o Note: perforations imported into the production tests table is excluded

New queries

• Additional audit triggers for completion of perforation

o Create by (author)

o Date created

o Last modified by (author)

o Last modified date

• Completions: Completion perforation status

Base map enhancements

• Remove well(s) directly from Basemap

o Update saved subset

o Save new subset (static only)

o Option to convert subset to Public

• Grid data type: Other

o Added to “Add New Data Type”

o Unitless

o Control Decimals displayed added to User Preferences

Spatial Explorer

Improved Kingdom Integration

Efficiently recreate maps or transfer data types to Spatial Explorer

• Right click on basemap and transfer displayed data types to Spatial Explorer

• Multi select and right click on project tree to add selected data types to Spatial Explorer

• Supported for multiple maps or when no SE map is open

• Support Kingdom's layer order

Display improvements

• Quickly display multiple data types in one Spatial Explorer map

o Contours with or without associated fault polygons

o Control Point Sets | Culture | Fault Maps | Grids

o Horizons | Polygons | Surveys | Wells

• Support for color bars previously used to display data types on base map

Select and save multiple Kingdom polygons in one editable polygon layer

Save time when using polygon functionality from Kingdom to Spatial Explorer

• From Kingdom's project tree, quickly save multiple polygons in one SE layer

• Polygons will be saved in Editable Polygon Layer

• Run through polygon computes workflows or export to shape files efficiently

• Supports multiple maps or when no SE map is open

Color deviation surveys by zone attributes

Create comprehensive maps and prints with Spatial Explorer posting capabilities.

• Use numeric and text data stored in zone attributes

• Apply expanded color options

Improvements to Spatial Database Engine (SDE)

Maintain connection to the latest updates of your SDE

• Support query capabilities:

o By Area of Interest

o By Attributes

• Support CRS conversion when reading an SDE

• Export to shape files from SDE

• Save SDE back into Kingdom as culture files

Highly requested enhancements

• Turn off visibility of well symbols

o Create bubble maps without the well symbol displaying

o Visibility check box for well spots

• Switch between fixed sizing and map scale for well labels

o Setting for well layers

o Text gets bigger when zooming in, smaller when zooming out

o Client can control size of text

Dynamic Depth Conversion and Property Modeling

Dynamic property modeling (Sub layers)

Easily define model layers

Streamline option for defining stratigraphic layering between major intervals.

• Choose conformable to top surface, conform to base or proportional.

• Provide number of proportional layers or layer thickness for conformable to top or bottom

Dynamic Depth Conversion - Velocity Function

V0+Kz to Depth Convert

Supports exploration workflows where velocity data is sparse by enabling analytical velocity functions.

Dynamic Depth to Depth Correction

Efficiently Tie Depth Seismic to Well Data

Streamline recalibrating your depth seismic volumes as you drill new wells:

• As Well Tops are interpreted corresponding depth seismic volumes, horizons and faults update providing immediate feedback.

• Uses the difference between seismic depth and well depth to dynamically adjust displays interactively.

• Generates corresponding maps of structure, stratigraphy, and corrections.

• Allows easy testing of various interpretation scenarios.

• Vary cell size and radius of influence to generate best resulting conversion and depth maps.

• Output new depth versions of the seismic volumes, horizons, and faults as needed.


ML Workflow Builder - Model Updates

Improved models in predefined workflows

• The existing models and workflows in the workflow builder are continually being enhanced. This release includes a new fault model called A2F0 and improves the Amplitude to Faults workflow.

• We have increased the types of model formats for which users can import into the workflow builder.

ICNN Enhancements

• Improved ease of use and results.

• Picking modes – draw multiple segments at a time.

• Predict section unrestricted.

• Enhanced Fault results.

CNN Fault Attribute – Multiple Direction Prediction

Yield superior faults

Interactive CNN allows users to train models on their own data to generate superior fault attributes

• Multiple direction prediction in combination with the new MDP function in the workflow builder allows users to get the best of both worlds:

o Interactivity and customizability of 2D

o Robustness and consistency of 3D

• Generates cleaner, more consistent fault planes by analyzing volume at a variety of different orientations

o Increases likelihood of detecting faults perpendicular to fault plane

ML Denoising

Utilize Machine learning to clean up your seismic data

• Take advantage of a new workflow that allows you to clean your seismic data in just 2 steps.

• The key to good tracking and other calculations on any data is having clean data with a high signal to noise ratio.

Stratal Slicing – Improved Lithology and Fluid Identification from Seismic

• Proportionally slice seismic to expose more of the depositional information.

• Visualize in map, section, and 3D.

• Interpret on slices or extract geobodies in 3D.

• Linked map and section to animate through slices.

Expand Geobody Interpretation

Seismic Geologic Body Isolation and Ranking

Quickly understand the extent and volume of stratigraphy or attributes

• Calculate area, thickness, & volume of seismic anomalies.

• Convert to horizons to integrate with modeling and mapping.

VelPAK, Seismic Inversion, and LogToVolume


Profile Extractor Wizard

• Takes a 2D SEGY volume and extracts the selected data for selected or all profiles.

o The profile data does not need to be snapped allowing sparse or sporadic data that is not continuous over a whole profile to be depth converted.

o Time profile data can be immediately depth converted using the SEGY velocity volume

Velocity Extractor Wizard

• Extracts grids from a SEGY file and places them in the VelPAK Model Tree under the ‘System’ slots.

Spreadsheet Creation Added to Surface Pick

• Edit > Point > Pick clicking over certain displayed elements on the Surface Module brings up a spreadsheet which can be saved as an Excel.

Grid Trimmer

• Grid up the areas of the layer where there is XYZ data and not extrapolate through areas where there is no data.

Kingdom Seismic Inversion

High Frequency Compatibility for Offshore Wind Data

• Perform seismic inversion on high-frequency wind farm data effective for all modules.

Seismic Sample Rate changed from integer to floating number

• Perform inversion on data extracted from depth volumes at any given sample interval (Inversion Calculation Parameters tab).

Inversion Project Units –Both Imperial & Metric are Switchable

• Switch the units on the graphs used throughout the software and scale the data appropriately.

• Manually swap the units of the micromodel.

• Load and automatically scale data recorded in metric units to Imperial units, and vice versa.

• Output a project in Imperial units, with inputs in Metric, etc.

Save Session File

• The Save Session file has been updated to include the saving of the displays relating to the units.


General Purpose Property Spreading & Depth Conversion

• Generates highly detailed volumes from a background velocity model, well velocity logs and geological interpretation.

• Well log velocities are propagated in a volume consistent with geological and interval velocity constraints, tying the volume to well logs.

• Produces a sophisticated, high-definition volume that can be used for depth conversion, in addition to attribute analysis, reservoir characterisation studies and input for seismic inversion packages.

New Features

• A new Gradient option in ‘Check Layers’ page that displays the logs

• A volume of the Least Median of Squares gradient can be generated as part of the LogToVolume process

Energy Transition

ICNN Enhancements for Boulders

Improved ease of use and results

• Picking modes – draw multiple boulders at a time.

• Hide training labels to better see the prediction results.

Wind Farm Solution - Automated Boulder Picking

Expand interpretation capabilities

• Automated Boulder Interpretation – Automatic control points

New AGS File Importer

Efficiently load Windfarm and geotechnical data

Easily incorporate necessary data using industry standard AGS file format

• Support for AGS file formats (v. 4.1)

• Supports key data types:

o Well header and location

o CPT Logs

o Intervals (GEOL table)

Kingdom Gateway

Integrate and collaborate efficiently with your reservoir modeling software

Simplify the conversion of data between Kingdom and Petrel

• Supports CRS conversion so projects don't need to be in the same coordinate projection system.


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